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Detroit, MI 48221
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Rivers Investment and Management Group, Inc. is licensed in the state of Michigan
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RIMG Multi Family Propery Management
Rivers Investment and Management Group, Inc. specializes in multifamily housing in the states of Michigan and Ohio. Currently, we manage 1200 units in various midwestern cities. We are looking forward to expanding our multi-family housing services on a regional basis. It does not matter if you are an owner looking for property management services for your single family investment or an owner, in a community organization etc…with portfolios in excess of twelve hundreds of units, RIMG is here to service your every need!

    Service offered include:
  • Condominium/Cooperative Multifamily Housing Management
  • Tax Credit/Low Income Housing Management
  • Single Family (Detroit and Detroit-Metro area only)
  • Budget Planning
  • Capital Improvement Program Development and Supervision
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning
  • Contract Review and Oversight
  • Mortgage Refinancing

An experienced Property Manager (PM) serves each RIMG client. The PM forms direct liaison between your Board of Directors/Owners. The PM ensures that all of the resources of the housing development are protected and utilized to their maximum benefit.

RIMG reports back to you in person with regular monthly meetings. We provide monthly financial reports that allow you to track income and expenses compared to the budget. A detailed list of disbursements, accounts receivables and accounts payable at the close of each month is also submitted keeping you abreast of your property’s operations.